Video Contest
Nomination "High School students"
Yeseniya Graph, Yelizavetta Lakhno, Yekaterina Arakelyan, Ivan Semyonov, Danil Nagornykh

Linguistic school-gymnasium №68

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Nomination "People's Choice Awards"
Danial Akanov, Alen Sultanov

Lyceum Bilim Innovation

Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
Nomination "Undergraduate students"
Bexultan Kemel, Altynay Muratova, Mustafa Myrza

Nazarbayev University

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Nomination "Turnitin's Award"
Ecrin Sarı, Pelin Gözükara, Zeynep Duru Şenocak, Mustafa Gökmen

Sırrı Yırcalı Anatolian High School

Balikesir, Turkey
Best video
Zhanel Kozhamzharova, Daniala Kadyrbay, Daniyar Karabalin, Mansur Malikov, Inkar Kenzheknanova


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
2022: Theme "Academic Integrity". Your video should reflect one or two items below:
  • Why is academic integrity a problem in universities/schools around the world?
  • What are the costs and benefits of adopting integrity as a key principle?
  • Proposed solutions to improve academic integrity
  • Illustration of unethical behavior/cases of academic violations and proposed solutions
Nominations for Eligible Participants
  • Nomination 1.High School students
  • Nomination 2.Undergraduate students
  • Nomination 3.Graduate students (Master students, Doctoral students)
Video Format
  • Interviews/stories
  • Tutorials/How-to-videos
  • Product video
  • Explainer video
  • Testimonial (video case studies)
  • Vlogs/Video Blog
  • Animation video
  • Educational video
  • Video documentary
  • Company/organization culture video
Video Requirements
  • 2-3 minute (120-180 sec) video Full HD format
  • min resolution 1920x1080 p
  • MP4 format
  • Languages: any. When other then English the  usage of  English subtitles is required. 
  • Light control
  • Sound quality
  • Download to GDrive and link sent by set date in the Registration Form. Make your folder available for editing
  • Can be a team of 2-5 students. Individual applications won't be considered
  • Different levels of students are welcome but choose only one nomination to enter
  • Students from different Universities and High schools can be in the same team
  • Individuals can be part of multiple teams
  • Content must be original and unpublished, plagiarized entries will be rejected
  • All references must be cited
  • The Videos will be judged in terms of creativity, originality, message content, and technical organization (sound and picture quality). The decisions of the Judging Panel will be final
  • The competition closes at midnight on April 30, 2022 (23:59 Nur-Sultan time). The competition winners will be announced on 1st June 2022, the names will be published on the Integrity Project's website
  • For the People's Choice Award the participants' videos for voting will be available on Youtube Channel from May 16-27 2022 (23:59 Nur-Sultan time). Pls follow up updates on the website and social media accounts for opening voting
Judging Criteria
Creativity /Originality (30 pts):
  • Entries must be the students' own work, in the student's own words, and may include personal experiences and thoughtful observations. Videos must reflect that the student has carefully examined and thought through the topic
Message Content (40 pts):
  • Does the student apply/address the theme of "Academic Integrity"
  • Is the video relevant?
  • How compelling is the video?
  • Is the video presented in a logical sequence?
Technical Organization (30 pts):
  • How well is the video produced in regards to continuity, timing, camera operation, sound quality, editing and adherence to time limit of up to 3 minutes/(180 seconds)
Judging Panel
  • HEIs, High Schools
  • Student government representatives
  • Alumni
  • Business community
  • Other (Consultants in various spheres)
Prizes for best videos
  • $250 equivalent for top in each nomination, for each team (High school, Undergraduate, Graduate)
  • $250 equivalent for People's Choice Award
  • $250 equivalent from Project's Partner Turnitin company
  • $1,000 equivalent for Best Overall video

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