Activities and Initiatives
We develop academic and professional integrity, therefore we implement various initiatives and activities
You can listen to podcasts from various speakers on personal and professional development (admission and choice of university, career building, personal experiences and opinions) every Thursday on our Instagram account.
Every month, in the "Review" section, the participants of our project share their opinions about books, films, podcasts - everything that aroused their interest. Join our Instagram account!
We hold a Forum on Academic and Professional Integrity every year on June 1st, where participants can lead a discussion, deepen their knowledge and gain insights.
You can get detailed and high-quality information about academic and professional integrity on our Telegram channel.
We hold webinars, info-sessions and workshops together with our partners on the following topics: how the principle of integrity and ethics works in the academic and professional environment, tools and techniques to prevent violations; compliance.
Book club
Together with our partners Kozybayev University and the Nazarbayev University Library, we are hosting virtual book club meetings where members can share and discuss interesting books.
Best Essay competition
We held a competition for the best essay on the topic of promoting academic/professional integrity among students.
Do you have an initiative?
If you have a desire to promote academic and professional integrity, or would like to collaborate, please contact us at

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